How FamilyBC adds New Members to Leadership Team - Part 1
Posted: 07/28/2011 at 3:12 PM

As we are now a bit more than five years old, much of what we have learned to do is through trial-and-error all while we hold the Bible out as God's plan for how we are not only to live, or raise a family, but be His Church.

In digging through the archives I found this recording where we considering adding Rick Scoggins to the Leadership of Family Bible Church. I'll lay out the basic process so you can understand why we do what we do.

Family Bible Church is led by a Leadership Team and uses the scriptural model of eldership to qualify those leaders. We have no set requirement for minimum or maximum number of leaders we can have on the LT, and allow God's Holy Spirit to lead and prod us through seasons of discernment when we sense He is calling us to add leaders. When we sense God is calling us to add leaders, we commit to pray specifically that God would bring to mind those He would have leading His church. We pray also that God would be moving in that person(s) heart to be seeking such an opportunity of discipleship and obedience. As God brings folks to mind different LT members share with the group and discuss, again we pray specifically for any person that we feel compelled to approach about the call to lead, and even after sharing the opportunity with them we ask them to be in sincere prayer about the responsibility and requirements of leadership. This is all done prior to anyone being presented before Family Bible Church for consideration.

If after this process everyone on the Leadership Team as well as the person being considered is convinced this is God's call, we bring the person and opportunity before the church for comments, questions, input, and prayer. The attached audio is Leadership Team member Lance Carpenter doing just that as we considered adding Rick Scoggins last year.

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